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our belief

We believe “to be truly beautiful is to have great style”. At Giordano Ladies, great style means bringing out and enhancing the inner beauty in every one of us through simplistic, modern classic, timeless clothes. It’s what we really wear, what we put on when we don’t need to impress anybody, be anybody - that give us comfort.


We believe “good things shouldn’t cost anything extra”. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune to enjoy good stuff and great feelings. Luxury needs not have a good price - comfort itself is luxury.

our dreams

“What do we all seek? To live at ease, and not be bound to think.” We believe shopping can be relaxing, inspiring, surprising and entertaining. Our dream is to create a metropolitan resort for shopping delight.

our value

“You are capable of doing something that makes a difference.”

our mission

“Happiness is being able to grow, develop, and share love and life.” Customer is our center of thought. To grow together with our customers, to develop a successful brand with our customers, and to share all the happy experiences with our customers - this is our mission.

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